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Yard Ramps

The Prentice Mobile Container Ramp - Part # 14002

Our first ramp rolled out of the shed in 1974, and is still in service over at Villawood. Since then, the product has been developed and finely tuned to industry's needs.

Our ramps stand solidly on steel plates. We would never ask a forklift weighing 4-5 tonnes plus it's load to be supported by the axles of the ramp's wheels. Nor would we allow a full 12 metre bridge design to carry our name. What happens if the driver forgets to hook in the attaching chains?

Often two pallets are carried at the same time, increasing efficiency and loading…. Or a heavy front-end attachment could be fitted to the forklift. So our design load is 7 tonnes.

We supply a full lifting frame which fits over BOTH forks of the forklift. It is forbidden to lift a load on one fork.

Our ramps have telescopic legs, which allow you to set the shoulder height to suit your needs... Forklifts are not designed for climbing hills, so the steeper the angle, the more wear on the forklift, and the higher the maintenance costs. Unlike fixed leg and non - hinged style ramps, when you set up a Prentice ramp, the slope is graded - you will not have to drive up higher than necessary and down into the container. Very handy when unloading the first pallets.

Our ramps have infill plates all the way up the slope, so pedestrians can't get their feet caught in the sides. Also, our ramps are 2100mm INSIDE the rails, giving more room to the forklift. At the truck end, this room is actually 2400mm, which means you will easily be able to get the end pallets out. This is a very important feature.

We fit full width high grip mesh to the slope - no slippery steel plate.

The safety signs stenciled on the ramp include the workcover approval number. This is a significant feature, as there is no direct Australian Standard which applies to yard ramps. You know that we have had the authorities investigate and approve our design, and it has been formally engineered.

We have selected the hydraulic components which give best service with minimum of cost in terms of service and repair. They are located where they will be least likely to sustain impact damage, and we manufacture our own hydraulic tanks because we can not source a rugged unit which leaks no oil.

Finally, this product has an outstanding history of service, and is field bred to have your needs considered. Even the sensible colour scheme ages effectively.

Options ......


Ten Tonne Mobile Yard Ramp - Part # 14010

Similar concept to the smaller unit, with following features....


















 Ground Ramps

The Prentice Access Ramp - Part # 14004


The Prentice Access Ramp Extended - Part # 14067

Similar to the 14004, with an extra 60" [1.5M] for loads that are bulky or delicate.

Allows the forklift to enter/exit the container in a more horizontal condition.


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Container Dock Leveller

Container Dock Leveller - Part # 14304

In many cases, the weight of a loaded shipping container means that it is positioned mid-trailer on the truck. This gives rise to the annoying situation that the truck's tail lights are at the loading dock face, and the doors of the container are still several yards away from the building.... How can you bridge that gap ????

Our product is arranged so that the truck backs underneath the rollover platform, and forms a bridge between the building and the container floor, hinged at the building end and floating with the truck's suspension at the truck end.

It features....

 Options ..


For breezeway operations.... the truck drives beside the building, and when in position, the "drawbridge is lowered.

Then loading can take place out of the building and into the rear of the truck.

Especially handy with B- double combinations, as the bridge can be lowered between the two containers, and both can be loaded at the same time.

















Dock Levellers

Mechanical [spring] Levellers

This range is so dangerous, and so expensive to maintain, that we have no product to offer. Any small capital savings enjoyed with this line are normally consumed within a few months after warranty.

Hydraulic Levellers

Standard configuration is deck width of 7' [210cm] and deck length of ...

Other lengths and widths are available ... consult factory



Vertical Levellers

The most efficient architectural arrangement for controlling costs and quality of the environment inside a building.

The doors can seal against the inside floor, and considering that loading only takes place for a small time each day - the building is sealed properly all night, and through the non-loading part of the day.

Clip-on Levellers

The "Minidock" and "Edge of Dock" series offered by the industry was in our opinion inadequate.

Whilst by definition they have a limited service range in terms of height differential between the dock and the truck, they are quite satisfactory for rolling trolleys over.

However, many operations call for these facilities to cope with the extremely high point loads of forklifts and pallet trucks.

Also, many suppliers offer this product with a spring-loaded operator.... frightening.

Portable Leveller - Part # 15003















Truck Loading Platform

The Prentice Truck Loading Platform - Part # 14006

If you have goods hand stacked in a truck or a container, or if you are wheeling pallets of goods in with a hand pallet truck, then what happens for the last two pallets ? The last 5' [150cm] of the truck ?????

This product chains to the truck, and allows your staff to work in comfort and safety.


Also, the forklift brings a full pallet, and takes away an empty pallet, so people are not standing around waiting for more stock. Efficient.


















Scissor Docks


The Prentice Scissor Dock - Part # 17300

Consult factory for different sizes and capacities


















Container Lifting Frames

The Prentice Drive - in 40' x 15 Tonne Spreader - Part # 18112

The Prentice Drive - in 40' x 35 Tonne Spreader - Part # 18116

The Prentice Drive - in 20' x 15 Tonne Spreader # 18101

The Prentice Drive - in 20' x 25 Tonne Spreader # 18105

Consult factory for below hook crane spreaders.















Sundry associated products

Slippers ... Drum Grabs... Chocks... Carpet Podgers... Dual Pallet Forks ...

Trailer Support Part # 49001

This high strength steel trestle allows fork lifts to safely operate inside a truck or shipping container after the Prime mover has been de-coupled. The practice of having the front of a semi - trailer supported only by it's own legs is highly dangerous. These legs are subjected to constant vibration in highway travel, and are not reliable in the long term.

Whilst the front of the trailer could be supported by a stack of pallets, it is possible for them to collapse for a variety of reasons.


Optional wheel kit can be fitted, which raises the Trailer Support off the ground during the last stage of retraction. The unit can then be manually positioned. Order Kit Part # 49023

Tarp Spreader Part # 27318

Drive into the spreader

Lay your tarpaulin on the ground behind the truck

Attach the tractor end ropes to the reversible spreader boom

Up ... forward ... and the load is covered.

Pallet Puller Part # 42006


Entry level into the world of unloading trucks.

This grab is attached to the forklift with either

both our straps have all the correct fittings, and will cause little damage if they snap.

Fitted with shackle, so you can attach your own rope.

Suits pallet boards up to 5" [13cm]

Painted finish

The heavier the load - the harder it bights


Dock Plates...

# 14009 is steel pattern plate with fork slots for positioning. 7' x 2'4" [210 x 70cm] suits forklifts

# 14010 is aluminium pattern plate with wheels & handles. 4' x 16" [120 x 40cm] suits trolleys

Both have stops underneath which drop in between the truck and the dock to hold it in place