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Introducing the Kyle Sweeping Attachment

Ideal for any large industrial or commercial area with concrete or bitumen surfaces where fork-lifts are in general use. The sweeper can be used in transport terminals, warehousing and storage depots, manufacturing plants and brickworks, to name a few.

The set-up time, that is the time taken for a fork-lift to engage the attachment, is equivalent to picking up a pallet load.

  • No special training is needed to operate the attachment,
  • No hydraulic coupling or take-off power from fork-lift truck.

The Kyle Sweeper Attachment is an easy and inexpensive way of meeting pollution and dust control regulations as well as providing a more pleasant working environment for staff.


The water tank with an impregnated colour finish is moulded from polyethylene which means it is non-corrosive, extra long life, no water leakage.
The castor wheel with a rated capacity of 1100kg, sealed bearings and a polyurethane moulded solid tyre is heavy industrial mounted under front of sweeper.
The water spray system can be controlled to suit sweeping requirements. For example - if the dust is only minimal the spray can be adjusted to a fine mist. If heavy dirt and dust is evident the tap can be turned on full to dispel any dust while sweeping.



Sweeping Width: 6ft. (1.830m) or 8ft. (2.440m)
LENGTH: 6ft. (1.830m).
HEIGHT: 3ft.4ins. (1.160m).
WEIGHT: 1530lb (680kg).
DIRT CATCHER: 12 cubic feet (0.3408 cubic metres).

Overall maximum sweeping width: 8'0" (2.440 metres).
Cleaning ability: 20,000 sq.ft. (2156 sq.mtrs) in 10 mins.
Water tank capacity: 90 gallons (410 litres)


Patent Application No: 16582/95

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