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Container Ramps

#H14001 - Yard Ramp ...Mobile Container Loading ramp _ yard ramp  Gets the forklift from ground to inside the truck

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#H14004 - Ground RampContainer Ramp for when the Container is on the ground

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Forklift Attachments


#H31001 - Man - Up CageForklift Attachment for people to work at height




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#H25001 - Crane JibFork mounted Crane Boom for carrying slung loads

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#H33001 - Slippers

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# H36002 - Self Dumping BinFork mounted self tipping bin emptys bulky goods or waste into truck

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# H 27002 - Carpet Prongcarpet prong for carrying rolls of product with a spike

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#H 21001 - Single Drum GrabFork mounted drum grabs carry 2ooL or 55 gallon drums

#H 21002 - Double Drum Grab

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# H21032 - Drum TipperFork mounted drum tipper for pouring from 55 gallon drums

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# H21007 - Drum DumperFork mounted drum dumper for 55 gallon drums of rubbish


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Super Structures hire Sydney for container ramps and forklift attachments