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Drum Handling Attachments

Drum Clamp - Part # 21001

The oldest and most reliable design clamp for lifting and carrying drums.

Minimum maintenance required, and very easy to use.

Built within the profile of a drum, it will actually reach into

a stack of drums and select the one at the back.

Fully engineered and manufactured with quality steel

Carries a huge 1000 pound load

Fully self contained, works using gravity

Will grab drums that are touching each other

Special Builds available... headroom, fork width, reach,payload, etc

Takes only seconds to fit to your forklift, with no tools... as you lift it off the ground, it automatically attaches to the fork.

Double Drum Clamp - Part # 21002

Carries one or two drums, side by side.

Same properties as 21001, except a massive 2000 pound




Drum Nipper - Part # 21008

This attachment is the answer to all your needs...

The reversible head can handle steel drums, fibre

drums, and even the plastic drums. Gravity does

all the work - and the jaws automatically open when

you put the drum down. Max load is 800 pounds.

The whole head is hinged so you won't damage the drum as you approach it.


Double Drum Nipper - Part # 21009

Similar properties to the 21008, except one head is

mounted on an adjustable slide, so you can quickly

adjust the width to suit the type of barrel you are

handling. Max load is 800 pounds.



Drum Tipper - Part # 21006

Just an amazing item... Carries a massive 2000 pounds.

The drum is grabbed around 300 degrees, so will not crush the lightest barrel.. the drum cannot slip out. Fitted with a reliable hand pump, the arms are clamped around the drum. Then a switch locks the clamp, allowing the drum to be tipped under gravity. You control the speed, and just pump the empty drum back upright.

Many many options and configurations - ask for the leaflet file.


Double Drum Tipper - Part # 21026


Two drums - side by side.



Drum Dumper - Part # 21007

Similar to 21006 in look and operation... has no hydraulics, and the drum is held by a full girth strap and adjustable overcentre catch. Tipping is achieved by a simple pull cord, which releases the head to allow the drum to swing over 180 degrees. The operator can control the speed by resting the top of the drum against the receptacle. Max load is 1100 pounds.

Drum Holder - Part # 21012

Hydraulic arms clamp around the drum -

Carries 2000 pounds.




Drum Holder - Part # 21010

Similar to 21012 - with an adjustable manual overcentre catch to secure the drum...

Carries 1000 pounds.

More drum handlers at Ergonomic

















Self Dumping Bins .. Hoppers .. Swarf Bins

Fruit Bin Dumper - Part # 37120

Drive forks into the pockets, hook the two connectors into your auxiliary hydraulic circuit on the forklift, and it's fitted.

When ordering, advise details of your boxes and your fork tines.

Self Dumping Bins

Very rugged general purpose bins ... ideal to sit around the factory and collect offcuts, packaging and general waste. Or can be used as a bulk container - IBC - to feed product onto sorting benches.... fill hoppers or "bag-off" work stations.

The fork lift driver can see when they are full, pick one up when passing, run it out to the bulk waste bin, lift and touch the release cam on the front of the bin to the container. This releases the catch at the rear of the Bin, and the weight is shared between the forklift and the container. As the forks are raised, the bin begins to rotate forward. Will reach into the middle of the container. The bin is returned to ground, where it automatically re-sets it's catch. Off it goes back into the workplace.


Wheel option available for all models - part# 36100



Swarf Bin

Extra heavy duty bin ... will really take hard work.

The main difference is the closed mouth - will hold liquid to the brim.


















Fork Extensions .. Tine Slippers

Fork Slippers

Simple sleeves that fit quickly over your forks to increase their length.

Handy for the occasional lift of a large crate, machinery or any awkward load.

Can also be employed to reach pallets on the far side of a truck.


Various lengths from 48" to 120" ............ Various sizes for your fork width and thickness


















Crane Jibs

Slip- on Crane Jibs easily and quickly convert your forklift into a small crane.



Crane Jib - Part # 25001

Engineered to be as simple as we could make it...

will serve you faithfully for many years. Fitted with a stowage point for the hook & shackle, the hook is moved by hand in 12" steps from 3' out to 6'

Maximum load is 4400 pounds at 3', 4' and 5' with 2200 pounds at 6'.

We have a library of special builds on this product range... if you really think you need a special build, consult our factory.

Other Prentice Crane Jibs.....

Extending Jib - Part # 25637


See above for specs
























Safety Work Platforms

Slip- on Work Cages attach easily and quickly to your forklift.


Safety Work Platform - Part # 31001

The original Work Cage ! features include....


 Safety Work Platform - Part # 31658

This item is identical to 31001, except the electrical isolation.



















Wide Loads .. Dual Pallets

Wide Load Attachment - Part # 34001

You will occasionally need to carry very long loads sideways with your forklift.

This drive-in attachment is rated at 2000Kg [4400lb] and stabilizes the load .

Bending of your product is reduced, as is the risk of it sliding off the forks.

Very handy for handling

The standard width is 3000mm [10'], and the factory will easily build specials to your needs.

Dual Pallet Forks - Part # 34200

Similar to the 34001, with the outriggers set at 2000mm [6.5'].


















Prongs .. Spikes for Rolls, Reels & Spools

Permanent Reel Prong - Part # 27003

This style of Roll Prong, spike, or podger is fitted to the forklift's carriage by removing the forks and sliding the attachment on in the place of the forks. The bottom bolts are fitted, and it is then firmly attached. Time is around 15 minutes.

The standard model has a 70mm very high tensile round spear, which is 1200mm (4') long. This is passed through the core of the roll, and then the roll can be lifted. Max load is 1500Kg [3300lb]


Nominate fork details and length of spike when ordering.

Drive - in Reel Prong - Part # 27004

Similar to the 27003, but mounted on a drive-in pocket set, as per the 21001 above. This item is mainly used in the transport industry, where the occasional roll is handled. The lost load centre is the length of the forks, so larger forklifts are needed for this task, or lighter reels.

Permanent Carpet Roll Prong - Part # 27001

Similar to the 27003, except the spike is 3000mm [10'] long, and the maximum load is 1000Kg [2200lb].

Drive - in Carpet Roll Prong - Part # 27002

Similar to 27004, again with the 10' podger.

Coil Rams

for handling coils of steel, cable etc - up to 20 Tonnes. Consult factory




















Front-end Scoop .. Loader Bucket


Front End Scoop - Part # 32001

This drive-in attachment is a simple, rope pull release device for handling up to one ton of bulk product.

It can also be used to smooth off uneven ground, and tidy up the yard.

Very handy for handling -

The standard width is 1200mm [4'], and the factory will easily build specials to your needs.

Optional hydraulic function available to give crowd back... #32012

Heavy duty and carriage mounted models available... consult factory.


Forged from the same material as your normal forklift tines.

This item slips over the cutting edge of your loader bucket and quickly allows you to unload trucks, position pallets at height etc.

Attaches with adjustable chain and quick release system to the top of the bucket so the edge stays straight.