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Lift - Shift - Stack - Tip Drums... Barrels


Tilting Drum Rack Part #21701

This high strength steel drum stand gives greater safety and user comfort to a very old method of dispensing liquids from drums..

With the lever in place, the operators are in full control ... they need not touch the drum with their hands, their feet are positioned well clear of the task, there is no need to grunt and shove.... the lower tags automatically move under the drum.... and slippery floors cease to be a danger.








Flatpak Drum Stand - Part # 21704


Ideal for temporary drum needs



Drum Stand 3 High - Part # 21705


Free standing rack unit


Use #22704 to turn and insert the drum into the rack slots.



Drum Mover - Part # 21915

These robust little trolleys are so easy to use … just push it up to the drum, pump the handle until the drum raises a few centimetres off the ground, and move it to where you want.

Great for handling drums in and out of hotboxes or flammable goods lockers.


DRUM LIFTnTIP Part # 21919

Similar to # 21915



Both this model and the 21915 are fitted with handy tool box for drum keys … rags …. etc

Girdle Type Drum Lift n Tip - Part # 21713

Who knows how many thousand of these drum handling machines are working in Australian Industry.....

Simple, reliable... a true workhorse.

A push - around trolley, approach the drum, manually connect the girdle around the girth of the drum and click the overcentre catch. Back to the operating position - close the hydraulic valve by turning - 2-3 pumps of the pedal, and the drum is off the ground. As you continue to pump the pedal, the parallelogram arrangement of the control chains keep the drum upright. Turn the handle on the tipping gearbox, and the drum will rotate. A full 180 degrees if you want... or just decant your measure and return to upright.



Drum Chariot - Part # 21007


Packed with features, this trolley will make you think you are back on the golf course

Carries a handy 550lb [ 250Kg]

Low ground clearance

Safe ... drum cannot tip over

Drum Deheader - Part # 21501


Simple device about the size of a set of bolt cutters.



Acts like an overgrown can opener.





More drum handlers at Fork lift Attachments and Cranes and Accessories

















Pallet Moving & Positioning

Adjustable Pallet Positioner - Part # 49707

When a pallet needs to be loaded or unloaded by hand, the operator would normally need to bend down to stack the bottom layers. He would also need to reach to the back of the pallet, or walk around it to access all edges.

These two actions can add up to long term back pain, loss of manhours, increased insurance costs and job dissatisfaction..... not a happy scenario.

The EZ-Loader can remove the problems.

Charge the airspring with shop pressure air and disconnect supply [use airline fitting supplied with the machine]. The turntable will rise to 30" [ 76cm] above ground level. Add the pallet, and working height is 36" [90cm] - very comfortable. Especially when a touch will cause the pallet to turn, presenting the opposite side for loading. After loading one or more layers of product, you will be reaching up to stack the goods.... time to adjust the air pressure. Turn the knob until the top of the stack is at your preferred height, to suit YOU. from now on, when you add more product, the pallet will sink, keeping your work height where you want it.

Works the same when unloading pallets.

When the pallet is loaded, the forklift removes it, allowing the airspring to raise the turntable back up to 36".


Unless of course, you start to load a different... heavier or lighter ... product. Then it's one quick twist of the wrist - no need for mechanics to re-calibrate the springs.

Hand Pallet Trucks Part # 49111


















Small Lifting Machines

MULTILIFTA - Part # 74111

This is the heart of the Multilifta system.... a push around trolley with a simple, user - serviceable hand winch.

Just add the accessories below and fit them in seconds with the "one-pin-system"


Fixed Forks - Part # 74112

Blade 60 x 7.5 x 7.5Cm

Lowers to 10Cm

Raises to 158Cm

Inside width 50Cm

Outside width 65Cm

Weight 15Kg

Adjustable Forks - Part # 74113

Blade 60 x 7.5 x 2

Lowers to 2Cm

Raises to 150Cm

Inside width 1-50Cm

Outside width 16-65Cm

Weight 34Kg

Slip-on Platform - Part # 74114

Suits both types of forks

Length 70Cm

Width 70Cm

Depth 3Cm

Weight 14 Kg

Crane Jib - Part # 74115

Lowers to 63Cm

Raises to 210Cm

Max load @ reach..

Weight 9Kg

Drum Pick - Part # 74116


Suits steel and plastic drums



Arbor Spike - Part # 74117

Nominate your core diameter...

3" [7.5cm]

6" [15 cm]



Cylinder Claw - Part # 74118



p.s. - advise if used for plastic pails.



Floor Crane - Part # 26100



LOAD at DISTANCE in front of wheels.....





Floor Crane - Part # 26050


LOAD at DISTANCE behind wheels.....
















Workstation Stuff

ergo balancer

track n trolley as monorail

hinged arm adjustable worklite

handy arm - more robust than the ergo balancer



























Scissor Tables

All units come standard with safety accordion skirts and maintenance locks.

Design your own table to suit your need - nearly everyone else does...


What we need to know is....


Once we have this information, we can quickly put together a specification and price for your scissor lift.























Skip Hoists

To elevate and dump drums, wheeled bins etc. into vats or waste bins