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The roots of our business originate with our founder.... Martin Prentice.

Born a farmer's son in South Australia, he gained electrical qualifications and enlisted in W.W.II. Following an extension of service to assist with the Japanese war crimes trials in New Guinea, he was demobilized and settled in Gunnedah. After a short career as representative for the Country Party, he took a contract supplying river gravel. This was the first opportunity to introduce logistic innovation to our business.... One man - one ERF tipping body truck and a custom fitted small drag line for loading. Pure efficiency.

shows a AA series international truck with the single axle trailer loaded with three harvesters circa 1958

More trucks and more contracts evolved one of the largest road transport fleets in Australia. The mid 50's saw the "Prentice Flying Wheel" carrying combine harvesters from Sunshine to the wheat belt, Hides and sheep to Brisbane and returning with building materials, local bagged wheat to railheads and all the bagged cement and steelwork from railheads to site at Keepit Dam. These activities gave Martin's fertile mind ample opportunity for exercise. These innovations were pioneered and implemented in the 50's and 60's......

The last item for this abridged list is the Double Drum Clamp... better known to industry as the Prentice Drum Grab. CSR had a major problem in the mid 60's with the arrival of the ISO shipping container. How to load drums of molasses without pallets. Martin designed the Double Drum Clamp, which we manufacture today as our part # 21002. This product lead our business away from road transport to design, manufacture and supply of innovative, rugged, efficient and safe Materials Handling Equipment.

In 1976, Martin's son Brian joined the team on a full-time basis. He had followed a similar path to Martin... Overseas Military service with the RAAF acquiring avionics and salvage skills, and an excellent exposure to front-line and commercial air cargo procedures.

Martin passed away in 1977. He is still remembered by our clients, and sadly missed.

So. The Drum Grab has become the only sensible way to handle drums. Can you imagine the savings to Australia in fuel and volume, broken toes and strained backs that this item has contributed? Since the mid-sixties, we have become the definitive referee for all products in the materials handling market. We have an excellent relationship with our clients, offering free and impartial advice on quality and risks of proposed products and methods. The products we have invented and included in our range are, of course, the best of their type. Where we find a supplier of particular items which meet our standards we offer that good with our own after sales support, and recommendation. We roam the world annually seeking new and improved designs and philosophies. We often discover that a quality product for a specific task is not available anywhere, so we have to develop our own. A typical example is the mini-dock, or edge of dock leveller.... Of the number of dock leveller manufacturers in the world, we are the only Company to offer a minidock which can genuinely take sustained forklift traffic without falling apart two days after warranty expires.

Super Structures Pty Limited was acquired in the mid-eighties as a vehicle in which to hire the Prentice range of products. It has grown to become the marketing entity for the products we choose to import. It is a full Sister Company to Prentice Industries Pty Limited, sharing the same Management Resources.











Note that we demand our products to perform with minimum maintenance for decades. 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